Monday, September 28, 2009

Flounce Captured

I just happened to be perusing my former favorite website, (LGF), when I came across these comments, which I (wisely) saved.

re: #228 hbwriter

Charles--rather than make the assumption that this is a "real" poll as opposed to phishy experiment or, more likely, planted by a DKos-style kid (a la the Denver vandalism a few weeks ago by a Dem operative at a Dem office), why not focus on a verifably pertinent issue like this? :"The military general credited with capturing Saddam Hussein and killing the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, says he has spoken with President Obama only once since taking command in Afghanistan."
Of course, if you don't like what's posted or not posted at LGF, you could also start your own blog -- then you could get all the credit!

But if you prefer to just whine at me, you could do that instead. But not for much longer.
Charles, respectfully, I asked an honest question about a relevant issue and was surprised to see such a churlish, sarcastic threat. Don't worry, I'll remove myself from the mix, thanks, I'll save you the keystroke. In parting though, I will say I've supported this site for years by recommending it to many other readers and, for the most part, have enjoyed the content *immensely* (esp. the music). I'm not looking to "start my own" blog and "get all the credit!" - I was merely posing an honest question about something that concerned me (and apparently, a few others here) - How can you be so sure it was a right wing fanatic who posted that Facebook poll. esp. given the motives/strategy of the far left? And in the shadow of that, the fact that there are some serious issues today (one that I pointed out) that could use some of your trenchant commentary. If that's "whining," well then I probably didn't belong here in the first place. Take care.


And the following comment:

Charles--ps--this is still the best site on the 'net--keep up the awesome work

But to no avail. When I refreshed the page, these comments were deleted and Charles the Small had posted a "Thank you for the compliment" or some such nonsense.

Don't worry hbwriter... the best posts are usually deleted and the best posters are frequently banned. Join the rest of us here, at Table 9, and at -- I wouldn't want to accidentally leave off the 2 and end up at a substandard blog. The blogmocracy has far more class than LGF does and should not be associated with it.

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  1. Another one! And always the same. A hesitating, apologetic, question, and immediate vitriol followed by banning.

    One guy was banned for asking "you ok?"

    It's important for people to know that the owner of LGF is hunting his own readers, not just on his own threads, but on other blogs where they either write (and link) or comment. He seems to misunderstand that people READ a public blog, now he is banning people for "lurking" (that is reading without commenting), and no dissent is tolerated. All you need do is scan the comments threads for the green ones (his) and watch him - It is amazing that any blog owner would so hate his readers that he would track them by IP and Mac address, stalk them on other blogs, taunt them, accuse them, berate them, attack them, ban them, mock them, and out them.